The Art of Gratitude

The art of gratitude. 

There has been research that says that cultivating gratitude can lead to an increase in positive mental health. 

Some ideas for cultivating gratitude: 

– Start a gratitude journal/list

– Have another person do the journal/list with you or share it with someone

– Go around the kitchen table and say one thing you were grateful for that day

– Make a goal to contact someone every (day/week) and tell them something they do or have done that you are grateful for. 

– Driving with kids? Go through the alphabet and say 5 things for each letter that you are grateful for. 

Positive things come from connecting with others and gratitude.


In order to support the efforts to slow the spread of Coronavirus, and to allow clients to continue to participate in therapy, Sunray Family Counseling asks that:

All employees and all other individuals who enter the clinic will need to wash their hands upon entry and following a session. Also please wash your hands following any nose blowing.

We are asking clients to please limit the amount of time and people in the waiting room. We are encouraging parents to wait in their car, or leave and come back if they are comfortable. Families and individual clients are welcome to wait in their cars and their therapist will text them when they are ready for them to come into their office. 

As a reminder: if you are experiencing common signs of infection including respiratory symptoms, fever, cough, shortness of breath or breathing difficulties, please opt to use our Telahealth option. Our Telahealth option is open to all children, youth and adults however, individuals over 60 are strongly recommended to use this option. More information is on our website at

Thank you for your assistance.