Adolescents is a wonderful and can be challenging time to navigate. Our clinicians understand how unique this stage of life is as teens are developing their sense of self. We recognize this time as having considerable potential for positive change. Our clinicians use Experiential Therapy, Art Therapy, Sand Tray Therapy techniques, as well as other empirically proven techniques to assist adolescents realize their potential and empower them achieve growth.

We are equipped to help them to overcome a variety of challenges including:

  • Emotional, Physical, and Sexual Abuse/Trauma
  • Unhealthy Peer Influences
  • Family and Parental Conflicts
  • Problems with Healthy Relationships
  • Behavioral Problems
  • Anger Issues
  • Self Esteem and Self-worth Difficulties
  • Substance Abuse
  • Pornography/Sexual Addictions
  • And more

Warning Signs in Adolescents

  • Loss of interest in family activities
  • Disrespect for family rules
  • Withdrawal from responsibilities
  • Verbally or physically abusive
  • Sudden increase or decrease in appetite
  • Disappearance of valuable items or money
  • Not coming home on time
  • Not telling you where they are going
  • Constant excuses for behavior
  • Spending a lot of time in their rooms
  • Lying about activities
  • Finding the following: cigarette rolling papers, pipes, roach clips, small glass vials, plastic baggies, remnants of drugs (seeds, etc.)
  • Sudden drop in grades
  • Truancy or always being late to school
  • Loss of interest in learning
  • Sleeping in class
  • Feelings of Hopelessness
  • Hypervigilance
  • Loss of interest in hobbies
  • Overreacts to physical contact

These symptoms maybe caused by a variety of factors. If your teen is experiencing these symptoms they may be in need of services. Please call for more information.